Iv Presidents Who Chose Not to Run Reelection (and One Who Chose to)

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Iv Presidents Who Chose Not to Run Reelection (and One Who Chose to)

Updated on October 19, 2012



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A session chair’s determination to run reelection can be an intensely personal one. Thither are many factors to reckon. The stream political mood. Age. Wellness and class issues. How comfortably the chairperson likes the job. Many suffer risen to the gainsay and continued to attend their area. Others distinct to withdraw.

What follows are the profiles of quartet men who chose not to assay reelection when they could suffer through so and one man who sought-after reelection tied though it belike wasn’t in his — or the area’s — outflank involvement.

George Washington | Reference

George Washington

As the kickoff chair of the Joined States, George Washington set a act of precedents. He created the approximation of having a Locker of his own choosing to rede him on administrator affairs He stated “Mr. Chair” to be the right title for mortal in his berth kinda than something loftier.

He too distinct that two footing in post were rather plenty.

When he unexpended berth in 1797, he looked onward to reverting to his darling demesne at Setting Vernon, where he could assist about requisite repairs, get a still passing and prosecute early farming activities plebeian for the valet granger of his day. Omit for clip dog-tired provision for a tentative army at the postulation of his replacement, Can Adams, he booked in such activities for approximately two and a one-half days.

On December 12, 1799, Washington array to visit his produce and see what required to be through. It was a low-down day — inhuman and wet, raining, hailing and snowing by turns. He braved the elements for respective hours, outgo virtually of the day in wet wearable, not flush bothering to alter for supper. Wakening the succeeding day, he ascertained he’d highly-developed a pharyngitis which got increasingly worsened as the day wore on. Handling by deuce-ace unlike doctors could do nil for him. He died on the even of December Fourteenth.

Would that get happened had he distillery been chairwoman? Maybe not. So again, tending the land of checkup guardianship in the 18th Hundred, it’s not at all impossible that he could sustain met a exchangeable portion spell conducting approximately intimacy of province or possibly patch on vacation. If so, George Washington would bear been not but the low prexy of the Joined States but too the commencement chairman to die in place.

James K. Polk | Origin

James Knox Polk

James K.Polk was the archetype wickedness knight prospect. Fifty-fifty though he had served as Talker of the Menage, few exterior of his house posit of Tennessee had always heard of him. Yet when the Democrats edubirdie essay held their formula in Baltimore in 1844, Polk emerged as the campaigner.

During the crusade Polk made the predict that he would alone help one terminus, and he stuck thereto forebode. But oh, what a condition! Former in his disposal, Polk range quatern goals: duty diminution, the reestablishment of an autonomous exchequer, the appropriation of Oregon, and the learning of California from Mexico. By the end of his condition he had achieved all quadruplet, fashioning him one of America’s about effectual one-term presidents.

On-key to his parole, in 1848 he distinct not to run again. He remaining the Administrator Hall on Abut 4, 1849, silence a comparatively swain but now a real ailing one. He had helpless burthen and suffered from inveterate diarrhoea. Instead than expiration domicile to Tennessee straight, he made a sway hitch round the Southerly states salutation well-wishers on the way. He passed done New Orleans, where he belike contracted cholera. Finally he made it abode to Nashville, but he wasn’t thither for foresighted.

His challenging curriculum had manifestly interpreted a cost. He died on June 15, 1849, his retreat having lasted a simple 103 years.

Chester A. Arthur | Seed

Chester Alan Arthur

Chester Arthur was elective in 1880 as the vice-presidential run made of Republican James A. Garfield. A man who had more of a report as a back-room politico quite than a ducky son, Arthur had been a compromise prime, a way of repair fences ‘tween the two contender Republican factions of the day — the Half-Breeds, delineate by Garfield, and his own aggroup, the Stalwarts.

Arthur’s election did nil to mend the dissever, notwithstanding. In fact, it made it worsened. In the summertime of 1881, a dissatisfied Hardy office-seeker by the describe of Charles Guiteau assassinated Garfield, declaring his expressage intent for doing so was to pee-pee Arthur chair.

Arthur rosebush to the dispute, surprising many by decent rather efficacious in his new job. Among his accomplishments was the transition of the Pendleton Act, a civic serve rectify measurement that awarded positions based on deservingness, thence conclusion often of the championship that had caused so lots terms originally.

Disdain Arthur’s proportional winner as chairperson, it was not adequate to convert the Republicans to second him for a sec terminus. The preeminent nominee sledding into the conventionalism in Chicago in 1884 was James G. Blaine. Arthur did not advert. His representatives tested to shape a alliance with those of Senator George F. Edmunds of Vermont but were finally abortive therein endeavour.. Blaine became the campaigner but confused the election to Populist Grover Cleveland.

Could Arthur deliver prevailed at the pattern? Plausibly not. By seemly a reformist, he had gained too many enemies. Still, it was plausibly upright also that he baffled, for in fact Arthur was not a fountainhead man. In 1882 he had been diagnosed with Burnished’s disease, a kidney ill which was calamitous at the clock. Arthur befool a upbeat brass, notwithstanding, and denied rumors that he was ill. And patch it was potential that he could exist for various more age with the disease, it was besides potential that he could go at any clock.

Arthur remaining the Gabardine Theater on Abut 4, 1885, and touched to New York Metropolis to sketch his early law rehearse. His wellness quick deteriorated though, and well-nigh of the clip he was too barf to micturate any substantial contributions to his loyal. His unwellness led to hypertension, which successively led to an megalocardia — a compounding of ailments that caused him to be sick-abed for many months. He died peacefully in his habitation on November 18, 1886, as a outcome of a slash. Had he won his company’s nomination and prevailed against Cleveland in 1884 he near probable would sustain died in post hardly ilk his forerunner.

Calvin Coolidge | Germ

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge was ne’er known for his loquacity. Thither’s an oft-told tarradiddle of a charwoman — about say it was Dororthy Parker — who sat future to him at a dinner and told him she had bet a protagonist that she could get more two language out of him. The man known as “Unsounded Cal” purportedly off to her and aforementioned, “You misplace.”

Hence, it should deliver been no surprisal that when Coolidge made an authoritative decisiveness some his political futurity he was as curt. Piece vacationing in the Nigrify Hills of Southward Dakota in 1927, Coolidge handed bent reporters various slips of theme, apiece of which contained the simpleton one-line assertion I do not prefer to run Chairperson in 1928 .

That was it. Thither were no comments. No elaborations. No indications of whether by choosing the countersign “prefer,” Coolidge meant that he would harbour a move to swig him.

Republicans constitute out presently plenty. As intelligence of draft-Coolidge movements started to rise, the manque prospect fleetly slapped them polish. He made it crystallise that he was no thirster concerned in the job.

Coolidge subsequently indicated that beingness Chairwoman of the Joined States for what would be ten age — thirster than any man had up until that clip — would only be overmuch. Office of his decisiveness not to run may besides sustain had something to do with the expiry of his 16-year-old son, Calvin, Third-year, of septicaemia in 1924. With his dying, Coolidge wrote, “the exponent and the resplendence of the Administration went with him.” Coolidge drop into a grievous low subsequently that and may at that metre bear distinct that the approaching election would be his close. About historians birth too speculated that Coolidge foresaw the Large Impression forthcoming and didn’t wishing to let anything to do with it.

Disregarding of his particular need, Coolidge off the reins of the governing complete to his early Commercialism Repository, Herbert Vacuum-clean, on Borderland 4, 1929, and returned to secret living. Less than foursome eld subsequently January 5, 1933, he died of a pump approach in his house in Northampton, Massachusetts — scarce a few weeks myopic of what would let been the end of his indorsement elective condition, had he elect to run.

Lyndon B. Johnson | Seed

Lyndon Baines Johnson

At the origin of 1968 well-nigh citizenry expected Chairperson Lyndon Johnson to run reelection.

He was eligible, astern all. Eve though the Twenty-second Amendment loosely blockaded anyone from helping as prexy for more two footing, LBJ had realised less than one-half of Can F. Kennedy’s condition, pregnant that he was entitled to essay a sec elective terminus in his own compensate. Thusly the land was ko’d when at the end of a telly speak on Borderland 31, LBJ proclaimed not lone that he would not be quest reelection but that he would not assume the nomination of his company level if it were offered.

What was bum his affirmation? LBJ was surely one of the well-nigh politically challenging men who always lived, and the administration of the Joined States was a job he’d desired always since he was a swain. He’d besides scored one of the biggest presidential landslides e’er, getting 61 percentage of the pop ballot against Barry Goldwater in 1964. He’d gotten everything he’d e’er precious. Why was he now so eagre to parting it all arse?

The Vietnam War was doubtlessly one component. What had begun with the outflank of intentions –the containment of Communism — had inside quatern days devolved into a quag. One-half a zillion soldiery were nerve-wracking to earnings a war that many believed was unwinnable. Bodies were wrenching up by the hebdomad and Johnson was organism blame. “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you pop nowadays?” went a democratic shibboleth of the clock.

Johnson was besides cladding dangerous challenges from inside his own company. Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota ran as a prospect on an antiwar chopine and interject an exceptionally firm screening in the New Hampshire elemental, climax inside pentad share points of whacking Johnson. Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York, foresightful a Johnson critic, entered the run a few years late, likewise vying for the top Popular slot.

E’er the political computer, Johnson could see the script on the bulwark. Vietnam had get an millstone approximately his cervix. By choosing not to run again, Johnson matt-up he could consecrate his wide metre and push, as he aforesaid, “to the awe-inspiring duties of this post” — videlicet nerve-racking to wrap the war and get the boys house.

But the toxic political landscape mightiness not let been the lone agent. Johnson had e’er been apprehensive approximately his wellness. His sire Sam had died less than fortnight afterwards arrival the age of 60, and on One-quarter of July weekend 1955, patch portion as Sen Bulk Leader, LBJ himself had suffered a monumental spirit approach that fundamentally put him out of committee for the residue of the class.

Johnson remaining the Tweed Theater on January 20, 1969, unassuming to his Texas spread and fundamentally falling out of company. He let his pilus turn farsighted and made few populace appearances, choosing alternatively to drop near of his clock with his category. A womb-to-tomb smoker, Johnson had another mettle attempt in the leaping of 1972.

A thirdly spunk attempt was the one that last did him in. Johnson died at age 64 on January 22, 1973 — a simple two years abaft what power suffer been the culmination of his tierce terminus.

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